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With the development of a COVID-19 vaccine likely to be 6 to 18 months away, the importance of preventing its spread cannot be underestimated.

COVID-19 preventative projects supported by the RBWH Foundation may include:

App to protect vulnerable elderly in nursing facilities

It is of absolute importance that our vulnerable elderly populations are protected. A program is being developed to prevent the introduction of the novel coronavirus into nursing homes by training staff members to have the heightened self-awareness of the risk that coming to work sick may pose to aged care residents. A state-of-the-art app is being developed which will encourage positive behaviours of workers so that everything is being done to protect residents.

Protocols for Point-of-Care testing 

A number of commercial point-of-care diagnostic testing options (Cepheid, Abbott) and research-use-only diagnostic testing options for the novel coronavirus are now available. However, there is no understanding of their acceptability to the residential aged care workforce, or exactly how they would be deployed in fever clinics and other sites separate to traditional places of testing. This research will investigate the logistic issues in how point-of-care testing would take place and what impact it would have on patient outcomes.

Telehealth to reduce anxiety in residential aged care

85% of residents in Australian aged care facilities report at least one diagnosed mental health or behavioural disorder, ranging from dementia through to depression and anxiety. However, mental health services are not routinely available in this era of ‘lock downs’ due to COVID-19. While medications may be used to treat some symptoms of anxiety there is concern about ‘over-medication’ of elderly people. This study is of a unique telehealth intervention to reduce anxiety in the elderly without the need for drug therapy.

Software to help track spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes and hospitals

Software is currently utilised by hospital infection control teams in visualising hospital-acquired infections. Researchers will modify the software to examine cases of COVID-19 at any residential aged care facility by place and time. Researchers aim to overlie this data with staff allocations to gain real-time understanding of the spread of COVID-19 in any given facility. An assessment of user perspectives and feedback through interviews and focus groups will be performed.

‘To improve current practice, we need RBWH Foundation to help us get better results for our patients and for those people especially at risk of COVID-19 infection and affected by social isolation.’

Prof. Jeff Lipman - RBWH Research Ambassador and Intensive Care Services Senior Specialist

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